Re: Lyme test results

Sherry Morse

Hi Bonnie,

All the information you need on reading your Lyme results can be found on the Cornell website:

Short version:

OSPA - positive is usually seen in animals vaccinated for Lyme
OSPC - early infection/recent exposure - Antibodies to OspC are detected as early as three weeks after infection. Antibodies to OspC decline after seven to eleven weeks and become undetectable by four to five months after infection
OSPF - long term infection - Antibodies to OspF are detectable by five to eight weeks after infection and are maintained at high levels afterwards. Researchers at Cornell observed a very high agreement between antibodies to OspF and C6 as robust markers for infection12,14. Horses with positive antibody values to OspF and negative antibody values to OspC are considered to be infected with B. burgdorferi for at least five months (Fig. 3).

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