Re: Fizzie Iris - Bad bad xray results - need urgent advice as to what can be done

Maxine McArthur

Hi Mandy
If the vet means Mitavite Gumnuts, they are NOT suitable for a PPID or EMS horse. They are 18% starch, which will raise insulin. Fibre Essentials isn't great either, with up to 15% starch. Starch digests directly to glucose.
Can you increase his beet pulp more? You could also add soyhull pellets such as Energreen Maxisoy. These are both great foods for boosting weight and have safe ESC+starch levels. 
Multicube make a teff+lucerne hay cube that may be useful as well, provided he has not been sore on lucerne before. Unfortunately they don't make a straight teff cube (I don't think anyone does). They don't have a guaranteed ESC+starch level for each batch, but they do test regularly and I feed these cubes without any issues. 
We don't have a great choice in hay cubes or pellets here. Did the dentist say no chaff either? Or just no hay? If he can eat chaff, you might be able to soak a bit of chaff and mix it with the beet pulp/soyhulls so that he gets some longer-stem fibre. I've found that adding a couple of tablespoons of psyllium husk to the beet pulp then mixing with the soaked hay cubes seems to make the whole mixture easier for the oldies to chew. Psyllium is a good source of soluble fibre as well. 

Not sure why you changed to linseed oil from linseeds--grinding the seeds increases the digestibility and you can feed up to a cup of ground linseeds per day. The seeds have a lot of nutritious factors in them as well as the oil, so for weight gain I would go for the seeds. 

IMO getting the diet sorted (including correct mineral balancing), addressing trim issues and increasing his pergolide to get the ACTH in range will do more for stopping further bone loss and restoring circulation than anything else.

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