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Done. I could not find Dr. Kellon’s personal email so I put in the ECIRhorse one. Hope this will work. 



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To ALL Great ECIR Members —

Did you miss this opportunity last month to nominate our head volunteer, Dr Kellon for the AAEP “Goog Wroks” award? If so no worries! The nominations stay open until August 31! But don’t wait. You can still vote right now at this link:


I actually voted twice (don’t tell anyone) and changed the blurb in my July nomination to reflect how many times I have seen local vets and hoof pros tell us how much they appreciate the insight on metabolic issues provided by Dr. Kellon and the ECIR Group. More and more equine pros have learned critical rehab and prevention info from working with their clients who are members, from their own membership here, from the NO Laminitis! Conference attendance and proceedings, and the ECIR films and recordings. This knowledge has been used to help not only their client horses, but usually their own as well.

More than ever, so many of you are working hand-in-hand with your local vets and hoof pros, using ECIR Group recommendations. ECIR has several research projects going on right now thanks to you and your vets and hoof pros willingness to work together as a team. We hope to raise a level of awareness at the AAEP that this relationship can work fully for the welfare of metabolic equines.

If you have seen this too, on your local level, please the AAEP and Zoetis in your nomination of Dr. Kellon. Or your renomination. :-) If you are a veterinary or hoof professional please tell the committee that in your nomination.  For any one, just telling them how Dr. Kellon helped you help your equine will be great way to say “thank-you”.

Here are a few more quotes from ECIR Group members to inspire you:

  • Our current protocol has been the answer for him and I want to thank Dr Kellon for working with us so diligently. We are making progress on his trims as well.  I can't say this enough times, without this group we would not be is such great shape.  I have learned way more about IR, PPID and laminitis from this group than I ever wanted to know but I am thankful for the resources.
  • I had a footsore horse for what seemed like forever despite an excellent trimmer following all the right protocol! After reading about Invokana, and my vet corresponding with Dr. Kellon, I started my horse on Invokana a month ago.  Today I turned him out in an arena and watched as he walked, trotted, cantered, bucked, kicked, and rolled with gusto! He feels good, is engaged, alert, and happy. I know this is a daily journey, so I continue to monitor but after watching him this morning, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for all of you, and wanted to make sure I told you.
  • Thank-you Dr. Kellon for your compassionate and insightful comments. I appreciate all yours and others help and for [my horse] to not be hurting so bad and the quality of his life and days are the most important.
  • I'm actually not a new member, I've been a member for over 6 years. This was my first post as I haven't seen this issue come up. I have learned a lot from this group on the care for my 2 IR, now also Cushings horses and want to thank Dr. Kellon and all the admins and volunteers for all they've done for all the IR horses out there.
  • Once again, I want to thank Dr. Kellon, the guru moderators and all the dedicated horse owners who work so hard to take good care of these special horses.  I have read every email since I joined three years ago for my then five year Morgan…  Between what I have read on the ECIRhorse.org site and the emails here, I learned enough to recognize what was going on with [my other horse] before it got any worse.  I don't want to even think of what might have happened to both of my horses if I had not joined this group and followed the protocol.
  • I can't express the joy I felt in riding my beloved mare again after four months of watching her try to heal from her bout of laminitis. God bless you ECIR and Dr. Kellon.
  • This has been a steep learning curve for me but…it really means a lot to have access to all of this knowledge.
  • ...No knowledge is ever wasted, so use what you have learned here and in turn help others who are facing the same struggle. I am so thankful this group was here and able to help--I didn't feel so alone.

I shared this link to Freitag's journey recently. Sharing it again, in the hopes it provide an uplift.  This kind of recovery was possible with the team effort of the caregivers, their vet and hoof pro and Dr Kellon. It makes me smile very time I see it.


NOTE: When you vote (or re-vote) this month of July, would you please like this post by accessing the ECIR groups.io web page, logging in, look for this message and at the bottom click the LIKE button.

Thank you for taking the time to help raise awareness of the extraordinary work of Dr. Kellon and the ECIR Group.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003
ECIR Group Inc. President/Treasurer  2021-2022

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