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Nicolle Dupont

I will post pics and x rays tomorrow.  Today is a gong show.

On Wed., Jul. 13, 2022, 11:46 a.m. Sherry Morse via, <> wrote:
Hi Nicolle,

Did you happen to check her temperature when all this first started?  As she's not a breed prone to IR without PPID (and she's young for PPID) and had swelling in her legs if she were in my area I'd be checking her for tick borne diseases.  What bloodwork did the vet do on the 4th? Insulin, glucose, ACTH or something else?  Would you be able to post x-rays and photos of her feet in a case history album?  

To do that you'll need to join the Case History sub-group ( | Home) and then create a photo album (click on the "Photos" link on the left side menu after you join the group and then once you've gotten to | Photos click on the blue box at the top to create a New Album name "Nicolle and Horse Name".  That's where you would load any jpg files you have as this list does not accept attachments.

Is she still on Previcoxx right now?  

If you think her coffin bone is about to penetrate her foot you do not want to soak it but you do want to keep it padded as much as possible.  You can do these things with her laying down - just make sure you keep her food and water close enough for her to access it without a lot of unnecessary movement.

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