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Harriet Standeven

Hello, I’m
Trying to fill in the form but it’s asking for the nominee’s email address & phone number. What should I put in these fields as I don’t know them?
Many thanks

On 13 Jul 2022, at 22:40, Nancy C <threecatfarm@...> wrote:

I closed down the other thread on this wonderful news to start a new one only to re-direct our efforts a bit. Thanks for your understanding.

By now those of you have previously nominated Dr Kellon have received a thank-you from AAEP and a note stating she has been selected as a PLACE winner for June. This is so very exciting and so very deserved. As outlined in their email AAEP says:

"As the recipient of this honor, Dr. Kellon is now eligible for the Good Works for Horses grand prize, which will be decided by our judges and announced during the month of September. No further nominations for Dr. Kellon are necessary at this point."

Several of us contacted AAEP to ask them if folks who still wanted to vote could do so. The short answer was "Yes, they can."

As I said earlier, I'm pretty sure this is not a horse race but a judged review of the profiles of deserving nominated vets. I have nothing to base this on but past experience in similar endeavors. My guess is judges will take the merits of the case for each and decide who is the top vet.

If you feel you have something you wish to add to this endeavor, AAEP has said anyone can certainly send in a nomination. I would encourage anyone who has not previously voted, and wishes to add their voice to the conversation with AAEP, to absolutely do so!

I would also encourage you to thank them once the nominations are made public on social media. We will keep you posted.

Thank you to all of you for being there to support this fun endeavor!!!

Nancy C in NH
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