Quarter Horses and IR

Jen Nordlund

Hello everyone,

I've been a member for a few years but I'm pretty sure this is my first post. 

I've noticed that every once in awhile members of this group will mention that quarter horses are not a breed that is susceptible to EMS/IR. I find this rather surprising, because at the barn where I board, almost all of the horses are quarter horses, half of them have had metabolic bloodwork done, and all but one of those have come back as having varying degrees of insulin resistance. We have always done non-fasting tests, always sent bloodwork to Cornell, and always interpreted results using the ECIR calculator as a few of us are avid followers of this group. Of the 16 quarter horses that are "regulars" here, 8 have confirmed IR. Two have had laminitis episodes with rotation that required careful rehab, and another 2 did not have any rotation but were quite lame and also went through lengthy careful rehab following protocols of this group. I'm happy to say that none of us are in crisis anymore and most of us are riding again, but we have learned that we have to be very careful in our management as some of these horses will start to show lameness after just a few days if they are not exercised as much, or if they get even one mouthful of grass.

I should also add that none of these horses have PPID, and the oldest one was 13 when first tested for IR and PPID.

Is it odd that we have so many IR quarter horses here? Or am I just misinterpreting what others mean when they explain that IR is not common for quarter horses? Could it be that it is more common than previously thought, and it's just unusual that so many people at my barn have bothered to test our quarter horses for it?

Curious to know the group's thoughts on this.
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