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Jen Nordlund

Thank you Cindy!

I had updated Reba's case history last fall but apparently forgot to upload that, so I updated it again and this time I also put it in the folder here for the group. I did sell her to a friend in January, the same time that I got Billie, so I'm no longer current on Reba's exact details but I do know she is still following a strict diet and riding lots, and I just watched her show at a reining show this weekend so safe to say she is doing really well. :)

I do plan on adding more pictures of Billie but I only had the one recent one when I was throwing together a case history for him last night. He was quite under-conditioned when I got him and still looked like a baby for being 6 years old, but he has already come quite a ways since then so I think he will fill out over time.

Thank you for the input about the boots! Billie seems to be doing well again but I could certainly try a more consistent booting strategy. He was not the only horse here who got sore for a couple weeks, there were quite a few who did all around the same time. We are pretty sure it was just because the weather has been going between extreme wet and extreme heat lately, because it wasn't only the IR horses that got sore either.

And thanks again for the welcome!

Looking forward to hear other's thoughts on the whole quarter horse thing. It would be really weird if we were just one isolated group who happens to be attracted to metabolic quarter horses, wouldn't it?

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