PhytoQuench+DC and Mov-Ease

Carla Caudill-Waechter

Skeeter (18 yr MPH IR gelding) has developed bilateral swelling and stiffness in his shoulders and withers. He is not lame, but moving very carefully and slowly. Chiropractor believes he “did the splits”; he he has had 2 rounds of MagnaWave treatment and daily massage with SoreNo More, and he is slowly improving. I increased his MovEase to 3 grams twice daily. Would Uckele PhytoQuench +  and/or LaminOx support his recovery? Of course I’m open to other suggestions. His hoof temp and pulse are normal. Thanks!
Carla Caudill-Waechter
Skeeter and Ricky
September, 2017
Delaware County, Indiana
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