Re: Quarter Horses and IR

Bobbie Day

Hi Jen
Just my two cents but I live in QH country and have lost three myself that were not properly diagnosed, two with laminitis and one with PPID. I can't tell you how I wish this information was available when I was pulling my hair out looking for answers. In my IR cases, (although I can't prove because no insulin tests were given) they were both fed rich alfalfa and at least one on pasture. I just wonder if maybe all the horses at the barn are being fed similar diets? Maybe it's too much for them and not enough work? I am just thinking of my experiences of course but here because we have more QH than anything else, and I think it happens more than you would think. Grass hay is in very short supply in my neck of the woods, although there are almost no pastures here anymore one of mine was on it at the time. 
I kick myself all the time wishing I had gotten good guidance then. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess, but the great thing is as others have said that you are aware and watching them, I think that's half the battle!

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