Pergolide doses and formulations to control ACTH

Nancy C

ECIR believes the best dose of pergolide is that which controls ACTH. For those of you struggling with the Rx portion of PPID control, here are a few links to more info that may help as you formulate a plan for your equine. This is especially important anytime you are preparing for the fall and seasonal rise.

Information on determining the best dose and formulation:

A thread discussing working with a vet on getting an Rx for pergolide:


How to assess pharmacies

ECIR Group testing of compound pergolide: Several years ago, the ECIR Group Inc. funded a small group of members who submitted their 30-day old pergolide capsules for testing by this lab Stability is each case was found to be 90% or higher. Here's an older message from me

Average dose? We have raw data collected from over 200 member horses on pergollide doses. We are working on quantifying this data and collecting more in the future. The average dose was 5 mg. My own gelding was on 14 mg in the last years of his life.

Hope this helps.
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