Re: Morgan Mare Diagnosed with EMS and PPID

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Lori,

I took a look at the radiographs and photos - thanks for adding them:

Trim is pretty good - just needs a few tweaks to tighten it up. There is distal descent (aka sinking), which is contributing to her thin soles but NO bony column rotation. There is a slight amount of capsular rotation. Capsular rotation is when the distance between the hoof wall and the dorsal surface of the coffin bone widens as you move from the coronary band toward the ground. Easily fixed, esp. in Abbey's case as it is so mild. She needs to have her toes backed up at ground level, to move the breakover point in closer to the tip of the frog. Trims need to not touch her soles at all, for any reason.

As has been mentioned, attaching clogs (or any appliance) will make it impossible to make frequent trim adjustments as needed, which is why we recommend boots and pads instead. Plus, the pressure-and-release action of padded boots is also therapy as it stimulates circulation, which helps increase sole depth. Any boots you se should have aggressive bevels added to the treads at both the toes and across the heels, even if the boot has some beveling already incorporated by the manufacturer.

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