Mya - waiting on trim - has abscesses - diet /pain please advise

Lori Ricigliano

this is in regards to mya - foundered almost 2 yrs 19 yr old half arab/half saddlebred -  I need to help her - all in my files / 

I have drastically changed her diet in the past 2 weeks & she seems a little better but she is still in a good amount of pain. I have updated my folder to show new pics & info . She is still on 2gr bute am & pm - no grain - soaked beet pulp - no sugars . I know I need to pull her from bute - but What can I put her on & amount ??

I did just find a pure grass hay source yesterday so she is now getting soaked grass hay (20lbs total a day ) instead of grass /alfalfa soaked 

she has significant hoof sole abbesses in front part of sole -  I’m trying to treat - I started resoaking  them yesterday with mix of warm water epson salt & betadine . They are not actively draining just look like smelly dark holes u can see into them as they have opened - just necrotic blk hoof 

She lives in cloud boots - baby powder and socks changed daily so feet are dry with no rubs 

I don’t know if I should pack the abscesses - they really aren’t draining just look like a hole in the foot & black with “life data hoof clay “between soaking daily ? I feel they can be opened more with a trim of the toe  but my farrier is worried it will weaken the rest of the foot if we take off too much ? 

the updated sole pictures with abscesses are in my photo file 

I’m waiting for the suggested first trim from
Lavenia so I can schedule my farrier who is doubtful it will help her - I can see she is extremely long toes high heeled - he’s worried if we trim down her heels she will drop her pedal bone - become extremely sore / or have it absess out bottom as some as her absessing is larger to the front - she is tight in the front right check tendon ligament - I’m now massaging daily with linamint - he also thinks it’s looks bad and by lowering heels we could have joint come thru coronet band? See current X-rays 

hes doubtful that what I will do for her with a trim will do anything but make her more in pain - he says he will try & trim her to the recommendation when I get it 

QUESTIONS : what is the mg/kg of magnesium I should be giving her per day ? I can get it from grocery & grind ? 

im Also giving her 2 vit e 1000 iu oil pills in her beet pulp daily & im getting her the flax today as well - she’s a little light body score 3 & Id not crazy about the soaked beet pulp so I’m getting the triple crown Timothy cubes to soak & try for her today . 

I have her now on metformin- I just added her last Thursday .13 ground up 1000mg tabs 2x a day fed with maalox via syringe .  I got the blood tests from Cornell - they actually pulled all this blood back in may but didn’t send in til last week because they really thought I shouldn’t waste my Money on tests just put her down - but she was still eating drinking and standing 80 % of day 

She does have a slight crest but the bloodwork says she doesn’t have PPID ? Just IR? 

Her levels prior to me adding metformin & soaking hay removal of starch/sugar (I gave her safechoice special care ) were: 

insulin: 66.85 ( normal range 10-40)

Glucose 105 ( normal  71-122) 
ACTH 9.30 pg/ml

The complete Cornell results are in her file . 

she is on equinity supplement 1scoop - bute 2gr am/pm - 2 1000iu vit E - soaked hay & soaked beet pulp - 2 grams thyrol L - (last thyroid test last week TT4 3.3) 

what should I do as I wait for the hoof trim directions ? What else can I do to help her with pain ? What else in diet ? 

thank you for any help you can offer 

Lori R in MN - 2022

Owner of 3 Metabolic Horses 

MYA Photos:




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