Re: Mya - waiting on trim - has abscesses - diet /pain please advise

Sherry Morse

Hi Lori,

1 - Bute (or any other NSAID) will slow down the mobilization of abscesses which often leads to the situation you have found yourself in.  As it will not help with pain due to laminitis caused by IR and has this effect we recommend stopping it as soon as possible.  You need to taper her off of it (see: and you can replace with Devils Claw or PhytoQuench with Devil's Claw (see,%20switching%20from%20Bute%20to%20Phyto-Quench.pdf)

2- Magnesium is dosed by weight as outlined in the emergency diet (DDT +E – Diet | ECIR Group, Inc. ( - 1.5g per 500lbs.  You can use the human version or buy MgOx from a feed mill as that's much cheaper.

3 - She is definitely IR and since the blood sat since May you don't know if that reflects her current insulin level or not.  You should have bloodwork redone 7 - 10 days after being on Metformin to see where her level is now.  The current pain level could be due to the insulin being higher than the test results or related to the trim issues and the possibility of abscesses that are not mobilized. Getting her trim in order should help her quite a bit.

4 - Equinety is a waste of money.  Dr. Kellon summed it up best here:

5 -Unless Mya has lost a drastic amount of weight since the beginning of this month she's not a 3 but closer to a 4.5 -5 BCS in the pictures you posted.  I would expect a 14.3 NSH to be closer to 950-975lbs than a 1000.  Regardless of that, she does not appear overweight enough to be on Thryo-L so I would suggest weaning her off of that (1/2 tsp less per week) as her Thyroid level should straighten out once you get the IR under control. 

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