Advice Needed on Body Condition


Hi All,

Baldur is a 15-year-old Icelandic gelding. He currently weighs 840 lbs.
He's never been laminitic but started showing physical symptoms of EMS in March 2021, which is when I had his first round of metabolic bloodwork done.

I have noticed improvement in Baldur's overall body condition over the past several months. I have changed his diet and increased his exercise.
However, he still has fat pads above his tail and behind his shoulders. His ribs are visible, although less so in the last month or so.

His energy level is good. He's fed 18 pounds of food/day. He is turned out with a grazing muzzle for 1 hour/day.

Should I make any changes to his diet or routine?

Thank you!


Amy & Baldur - Franklin, NY
April 2022

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