Re: Mya - waiting on trim - has abscesses - diet /pain please advise

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Lori,

I'm working on your mark-ups, should have them up later today. Saw the latest sole shot with the abscess hole. The abscess is visible on the rads, so no surprise it is starting to open. The bute is keeping the abscess(es) from draining and resolving fully. The abscesses themselves could easily be a large part of her discomfort. You can put a diaper over the foot to absorb any exudate. Poulticing her soles with Numotizine might also help draw out the abscesses without softening her already thin soles.

To stop the bute you will need to taper the dosing so she doesn't get an NSAID rebound effect - increased pain due to withdrawal:

Her toes can most certainly be backed up and her hinds look like there is a lot of excess overall hoof length that can also be removed. As soon as the toes get backed up, a large area of those abscesses will open up immediately. NO, her joint will not come thru her coronary band by trimming off excess amounts of hoof. By restoring the proper balance and mechanics, she will become more comfortable and the hoof capsule will be better able to support her.

The Equinity is a waste of your money:

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