Re: HELP! Farrier hit blood vessel in sole


Hi Nancy,
I appreciate your soap box moment. I'm having a hard time seeing a bright future because it just seems to be one obstacle after another. with very little "good times" between.  I likened it to hospice because PPID is progressive, degenerative condition and even IR can progress to diabetes which itself can have destructive consequences, at least from what I've seen in people.  Apollo's intermittent foot soreness has been going on for years and full blown laminitis since October 2021. Until I came across the ECIR website, I couldn't get him properly diagnosed much less treated but I'm sure you hear that often.  I'm not giving up hope but it's so hard to see him uncomfortable again and for such a senseless reason. I'm worried I'm going to miss important pain symptoms with the upcoming seasonal rise and we will have another major setback.  He was doing so well it wasn't going to be too long before he could start being hand walked.  Of course, I know I'm not that only one whose horse has suffered from aggressive hoof trimming.  Sharing your experiences helps me know Apollo's can heal from this insult too. Without going into a lot of details let's just say I saw a lot of pain and suffering (lost 2 human and 2 animal family members) in just two years and it takes a lot out of you. I'm not sure how one recovers from watching your once healthy older brother lose a slow and agonizing battle with ALS (retired at 62 and died at 68).  So there's my soap box moment.
Karen B.
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