Muzzle Grazing PPID Mare

Rose F.

My 20 year old Arab mare was diagnosed with PPID in May of this year.  She was not herself most of last summer and seemed tender footed.  I then observed a crest on her neck  and she had fatty deposits above her eyes.  She had not been ridden all last year.  Coming out of the winter she was showing no tenderness in the front and she had lost most of the crest and fat pads above her eyes.  Noticed More consumption of water and peeing and more frequently seeking out salt block.  She seemed to be back to her old feisty self though.   Had vet out and he did a stimulant test 5/02/22.  ACTH pre was 15.0 pg/mL and post was 699.0 pg/mL. Insulin was 8.28 uIU/mL.  She was started on compounded pergolide with 1 mg scoop daily.  I didn’t tritate the dose and she had some of the veil going on but vet advised to stick it out and the veil symptoms are very much diminished.  Had another test ACTH test done in July and she came in at 24.4 pg/mL and insulin at 14.41 uIU/mL.  She has been on dry lot since last November.  She receives TC ration balancer daily as well as a dribble of TC Senior to help her take the pergolide powder.  No decrease in appetite or loss of top line or muscle mass.  Question:  could I let her graze with a muzzle for a couple hours per day, such as 7:00 am to 9:00 am?  We are in Wisconsin.  Vet thinks this change is ok as she isn’t IR.  My plan currently is to test her again in late fall unless symptoms arise to warrant sooner.
Rose F.  Wisconsin 2022

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