Re: Mya - waiting on trim - has abscesses - diet /pain please advise

Lori Ricigliano

Dr Kellon , 
I’ve owned mya for 8 years - she never had an episode of founder in that time - she was always “club footed funny” on her right front though …..

but a year an half ago in late august I gave her her fall vaccinations- she had a slight crest to her neck - but had that for a few years - not bad & not a fat horse she was in condition  ridden 4/5 times a week - she was eating the same as she always was - Purina equine senior & a grass/alfalfa mix hay - nothing else new - within two days of the vaccinations she was showing extreme lameness & bounding digital pulse  in both front feet - she was in shoes at the time & looking back & knowing what I know now  I should have insisted they remove them - farrier didn’t & she absessed out of both coronet bands first & I made him pull shoes & started to soak feet & then she absessed out soles & coronet bands started to heal . This was horrific. I didn’t start soaking hay til I joined this group as I was told just to feed grass hay instead …. Such bad advice - I feel horribly. 

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Oliver's breed and late in life onset of laminitis are highly suspicious of PPID.  The same may be true for Mya but her genetics predispose her to EMS. How long have you had her?
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