Re: Start Chicy back on pergolide Dr Kello please


An added notation. I had wanted to test her bloodwork before putting her on pergolide. she was just trimmed this Monday  (my trimmer did not want to trim her with her foal for some reason) and her feet were in bad shape. She developed white line disease snd thrush while At the hospital for 8 weeks and the stuff they put on her feet dried them out snd the walls just broke off.   My new trimmer came Monday and removed more and thinks he got it all - he follows Pete Ramey and I have hopes he will take good care of her. She is sore footed after the trim as I expected she would be after all she has been through so I put her back in boots on all 4s for the time being. So I am not sure if she is just sore footed from trim or having reaction to season rise. I wanted to do bloodwork before starting pergolide as a frame of reference but did not want yo do bloodwork so quick after this trim since she appears to have some pain after the trim. Was hoping she would be better a week after trim, pull blood and start her on pergolide the same day.

-- Janet and Chicy
Chester SC

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