Re: Too much pergolide or increased too fast?

Kirsten Rasmussen

Also, ideally shouldn't one test ACTH, insulin and glucose after increasing pergolide dose?
Yes, ideally, 3+ weeks after the change. 

Should I wait until Apollo is eating only new hay before testing? 
Depends on what you want to get out of the testing and how often you can test.  Because my vet only visits 2x a year, and I don't get to pick the dates, I try to make sure the testing fits with a lasting dietary change to maximize my bang for the buck.  So I will have my horse 100% on his new hay, soaked/unsoaked as I think is needed, before the vet visits and pulls blood in the fall near the peak of the rise.  Same with the spring visit if I have a hay change planned (ie, I want to stop soaking and see what his insulin does, or I have a new hay to try).

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