Re: To soak or not to soak new hay


Thanks.  I know not all of my questions can be easily answered but you always manage to come through.  All bales were from same field, baled on same day.  He said tries to cut hay in early morning when still wet from dew. 
I was concerned it won't be low S/S because was first cutting grass just starting to head out.  Will need more to get me through until next year so will be buying hay from commercial grower too and it's already tested.

Until I can get blood work done, thought soaking might be good idea as extra precaution but if it's not necessary, that would be great although not as difficult to do in summer.  New hay's clean so no need to rinse soil off first, saving time and water.  Thought it was recommended to test soaked sample before mineral balancing if soaking consistently?  Also feeding some OD timothy cube mash too but will decrease as more hay becomes available.
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