Re: Too much pergolide or increased too fast?


Thanks for additional info. I'm trying my best to learn but I don't always sleep well and feel in a fog some days so I miss things. 

I'm fortunate that at least up till now, my vet's always been able to come when I need him and available by text for questions in between. I think he's learning a lot and beginning to trust ECIR more. I understand that it's his license on the line so don't try to push him into things he doesn't feel comfortable doing. He treats me with respect, asks what tests I want to run when he draws blood. I try to get him to send blood samples to Cornell but doesn't always happen. Does it matter which lab we use? I know reference ranges differ between labs.  Cornell would be my preference as they've done a lot of IR and PPID research and what ECIR's most familiar with.
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