Re: Morgan Mare Diagnosed with EMS and PPID


Hi Sherry,  I did start working on the Case History, I'll try to finish that up and post it.  I will also get the full set of hoof photos, she was just trimmed yesterday.  She is quite comfortable in her boots/pads, if I take them off and she is on the pea gravel in the dry lot that is when she is very sore.  I did have blood drawn on Monday to re-test her insulin, waiting on results.  At that point she had been off metformin for a few days because I had run out of it and thought I had read that it wasn't really useful.  She had been on it for about 3 weeks before I ran out.   The vet asked me to put her back on it, so she is now getting 10-1000mg pills 2x per day.  

I don't have her on Phytoquench w/DC or Devil's Claw, is there any benefit to doing one over the other?  If I go with just DC, is there any certain brand that is best for her?  

I did check with the EA folks about the hay sample test and this is what she said:  
Based on my findings this sample was analyzed with the 601 Equi-Tech which is a combination of NIR and Wet Chemistry minerals.

So I think that means it is okay to feed her without soaking?

Thank you again for your help!

Lori J in NC 2022
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