Re: Hydration for recumbent horse (was Re: [ECIR] Solar Penetration)

Nicolle Dupont

She is very stocked up today with ventral edema.  Whole leg swollen on fronts, especially right which is the worst sole.  Respiration at 50.  All  legs are much the same temp and not different than other horse standing in shade.  It is about 90 degrees here today.

On Fri., Jul. 22, 2022, 9:33 a.m. Eleanor Kellon, VMD, <drkellon@...> wrote:

We can't prescribe for your horse - just share our experiences. Our collective experience has been that NSAIDs and gabapentin are not very effective. In addition, NSAIDs beyond 7 days or so carry a high risk of gastric, colon and kidney damage - with the colon injury worsened if you also give omeprazole.
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