Re: Solar Penetration

Lorna Cane

Hi Nicolle, 

I have been following you and Elsa,liberally giving hugs , and hoping to hear some good news. I'm the one whose 5 boys sloughed all their feet years ago(selenium toxicity),so definitely know what a gruelling exlerience this is for you.
Can you describe what you have been able to do with her feet in  the last few days?
And how much time she is down presently? Is the edema still there?
Sorry ,I just feel I have lost the plot a bit.
Can you substitute the pickling salt listed in your CH with iodized salt for Elsa?

Nicolle,I can't offer any guidance about what other issues are going on. But I definitely can say,from my experience with 5 of my 9 boys losing all their hooves,that that nightmare is not a death sentence. My boys were down a great deal of the time,with water and hay always accessible.They ate for a long time whilst down,even with heads on arena floor,and scooping up hay that way.They got up but often just for a matter of seconds,sometimes long enough to change sides. So bed sores became an issue,but were dealt with.
I was fortunate to be with them all day ,until about midnight,or at least within sight of them,while I looked after the others who hadn't been affected.
We made a deal that I was in it for the long haul,but if they decided they had had enough I was there for them then,too. No one took me up on that.

Wishing I had more to offer.

Lorna in Eastern Ontario

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