Hind end stiffness, forehand soreness

Mikaela Tapuska

Hi there, Zahr started on his 3mg CP + 0.5mg prascend for an equivalent of 2.8mg prascend on July 12th so that he could be mostly on the new meds at least 2 weeks before the vet draws blood on the 27th to recheck ACTH. Unfortunately because of the complications I encountered in getting his prescription (see https://ecir.groups.io/g/main/message/279782?p=%2C%2C%2C20%2C0%2C0%2C0%3A%3Arecentpostdate%2Fsticky%2C%2CZahr%2C20%2C2%2C0%2C91167718 ) this is a slight reduction in meds of approximately 0.2mg  from the 3mg prascend he had bee getting daily. His old symptoms of goopy eyes and sweating more than normal cleared up at the higher dose, and have not returned since lowering it slightly.

Zahr pulled up lame on Monday and it was very obviously his right hind. We had a fair amount of rain that day and I'm guessing he slipped, he was acting stifle-ey as we walked and it was particularly noticeable on backing up (he has pretty advanced arthritis in his back end, so this is something we have dealt with before). By Wednesday he was starting to head bob on his left front as we walked, I'm guessing due to compensation. He had a farrier appointment that day too, and he appeared more sore than the last time while she was doing his feet and after his trim. The LF head bob she also suspects is due to RH soreness and compensation. However this trim, more bruising than he has recently had showed up above the point of his frog.

I'm guessing this bruising is probably from approximately 6 weeks ago, he finally had enough of the shoes and panicked when the farrier went to put new ones on. There was a lot of hopping around and he slammed his front feet pretty good. Long story short I regret not following my feeling on going back to boots or following the group's recommendation to do so as well. I do believe he may have incurred some mechanical damage to his feet from that. So I am unsure if the sensitivity would be showing up now as the damaged sole is growing out, it just seems to be somewhat of a red flag that he was more tender this trim.

Friday he continued to be stiff in his hind end, but his front feet still seem to be bugging him too. We also had a nasty weather system come through that day, and whenever that has happened this summer it seems to result in small flare ups of "footiness" - I have read in the group that some horses do respond to big fluctuations in barometric pressure in this manner. There are so many possible confounding factors for this one, I want to say that it was poor timing with him hurting his RH and this weather system causing his soreness.

I don't think it is metabolic, as I don't expect that the tiny reduction in pergolide would have such a large impact in only a week and a half? But it also isn't a possibility I want to overlook. The vet will be out next Wednesday to do his bloodwork, so I'd rather not start mucking about with his pergolide dosage right before, however to be safe I was thinking of increasing him by another 0.25mg prascend to at least bump him back up to the 3mg equivalent. Does the group have any thoughts on this?

Thank you, as always. This one could technically be just "the perfect storm", as I suspect it is, but given the potential for it to escalate quickly at this time of year I don't want to take any chances.

(P.S. Zahr's CH file is a little out of date with some of the recent changes, so I will be sure to get back to that and update asap).
Mikaela Tapuska in Calgary AB, 2021

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