Returning to exercise


I am writing to ask about the return to exercise. I have just read the FB post link about the topic and I wonder if anyone had some thoughts and guidance on what is the best thing to do for my pony.
10hh, 250kg, 13yrs. driving pony, single and pairs.
He had laminitis in May. Was on box rest for three weeks,  pain relief for 2 weeks (which I have since found out from this group probably wasn't helpful). Is now in small turn out area (12 metres x 12 metres)
He is completely sound in boots and pads. Still sore on left front without boots.
Is it best to wait until he is completely sound without boots before walking out on the lead rope?
Should he have 6 months distance from initial episode before returning slowly to driving? Or, should it be 6 months counting from when he is completely sound?
He is not PPID. Very likely EMS, we are awaiting blood test results.
Many thanks in advance.

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