Re: Returning to exercise


Thank you very much. That is so much longer than the advice from my vet. There is some rotation; 4° on the right fore and 5° on the left fore. His xrays are in his file on this site. I have not been offered radiographs... would that show soft tissue inflammation?
I don't know whether the rotation occurred on this occasion (May 22) or on one of the two earlier episodes (March 20, May 21) that he had in the last two years.
He is still on 1.5% hay... soaked and mainly Timothy. He is difficult to walk... jumps and bucks and jogs...frustrated at losing his active  lifestyle that he loves!
He's having more xrays in August.
Thank you for all your brilliant work and advice as I feel it will give him the best chance of a safe recovery and positive future 🙂
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