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Yesterday Relevante and I went on an early morning trail ride on our farm's 300-plus acres of trails. Six other horses from the farm went with us. Relevante led for the entire ride [approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes walking up and down hills]. I think it's a huge testament to Dr. Kellon, Lavinia, Nancy C and all of the other volunteers/members of the ECIR Group who have contributed to his case, that a 24-year-old PPID/IR horse was leading a group of healthy horses 7 to 18 years younger than him with ease.

My question - With this summer's rides, Relevante comes back soaked with sweat from ears to tail. He is not in distress or overly hot [I've checked him]. As soon as we get back I sponge bathe him with Miracle Groom Bath in a Bottle and buckets of tepid water [the hose only provides very cold well water that gets colder the longer it's on]. I chalked the sweating up to the warmer temps and his being out of shape. He has a white salt block in his feed bin and gets a T of salt 2 X a day in his supplement baggies. Should I be concerned about the amount of sweating and is there anything else I should be doing following a ride as part of his aftercare?
Beavercreek, Ohio
March 2018
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