Re: Hind end stiffness, forehand soreness

Mikaela Tapuska

Shoot. I thought that we had made some good improvements, but now that they have been pointed out I can see the problems... and his RF out of the two seems to be the one getting away on us this time. I will talk to my farrier and see if she's open to it, but I think I would like to get some mark ups done before his next trim. We need help with this and I don't want to continue on the track of dragging this on and on for poor Zahr. But he is indeed wearing his boots full time right now to give him extra support.

Soaking his hay for the other feedings will be difficult, but I'll see what I can do. He's still presenting like the soreness is stemming from higher up in his hind end, and he warms out of it with some in-hand work. 

Based on what you said Dr. Kellon, I think it makes the most sense to stay the course with his meds until the vet is out to do bloodwork so as not to throw any numbers off. And I have a good amount of prascend on hand to increase his dose asap as needed based on the results.

Thank you all for your advice, I have some re-figuring out to do. And I will post the updated CH right now (mainly the ACTH values that were needed).

Mikaela Tapuska in Calgary AB, 2021

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