Re: Returning to exercise


Thank you for the advice...I think I've achieved it... hooray! The xray link has worked. Since these xrays he has had a trim to bring back the toe and improve the breakover and the heels are now also lower. He will have another xray 8 weeks after the first which was on the 20th June. He is due another trim in a fortnight. Should I ask my Farrier never to remove any sole? Last time I said it,  he said it was going to come off anyway and he couldn't get the hoof wall as it needed to be with the sole flaking away. 
I've checked all his food,  it comes below the recommended starch and sugar amounts. He's due his blood test tomorrow at last... the vet has been a little delayed in this. I am planning that we'll get everything right for him so he can return to his driving next year x

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