Re: Solar Penetration

Eleanor Kellon, VMD


If she stands at this point it will only cause further damage to her feet. With people to help you can roll her up onto her sternum and prop her there with hay or straw bales. Another option you should look into is getting her in a sling. You can check with the humane league, local rescue (fire department), veterinary school or large hospital to see what resources are available.  To roll her sternal, reach across her back to tuck all 4 legs under her, then pull her head and neck around the side and back toward her tail while someone pushes on her back to roll her up.

Were a complete blood count and chemistry panel done? Are you able to get the doxy into her consistently?  Doxy is also antiinflammatory.

Use pain relievers only if she is not eating and drinking. You do NOT want to keep her on her feet. Phyto-Quench pellets do have Devil's claw and you can use as much as double dose twice a day. If you can't get that, start with 1 tsp of the powder twice a day.

Tramadol is another option but your vet may be reluctant since it's a controlled substance.

Have you read Druid's story?
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