CHEWY reply to my complaint about STABUL1 Fenugreek

ferne fedeli

Just thought I'd let everyone know that I emailed CHEWY with the fact that one of their employees told me that the Fenugreek flavor of Stabul1 had additional nutritional ingredients and that was the reason it was more expensive than the other flavors.  I told them that someone in our group had checked with Stabul1 and that all the flavors were the same nutritionally.  Here is part of their reply.  They went on to say that they try to stay competitive on pricing as much as possible, but timing can be a problem...  

Thanks for pawing in with this information. I would like to apologize on behalf of my colleague for the false and misrepresented information you received. This is certainly not the Chewy norm, nor is it acceptable. I have forwarded this to my higher ups for resolution.

Now I feel better!!! Ha.  Just won't order Fenugreek for awhile...

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