Re: G.T.F Chromium/ fasting blood work


Hi Kirsten, we did a "fasting" test to see if they would be closer to an optimum normal range.  That is why I had the question about Chromium.  I am not sure how to get it down lower, except by controlling calories and exercise.  They are both on safe hay that I soak anyway, both are getting 1.5% of their body weight per day with everything being weighed.  My vet wants me to feed about 3 flakes of hay only a day which is like 6 pounds.  My understanding from many sources is that much lower than 1.5% of body weight can lead to hyperinsulimia and organ damage.  My vet says that is hogwash.  In my mind they are already compromised due to high insulin and to starve them will only exacerbate my problems.  
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