Re: Fizzie Iris - Bad bad xray results - need urgent advice as to what can be done

Mandy Charmam

Oh my god, only just saw this advice. 

He has got lots worse and I was contacting you guys about what I can do. Now I'm realising its what I'm feeding him - ugh - ..I want to cry. Are facing putting him down as he is now leaning back and is clearly super uncomfortable on both fore feet. I haven't seen him lie down for ages. I can't believe I have so stuffed it up. I got new foot photos but I'm pretty sure they won't bee good enough angles/quality. he has had treatement on his soles to address fungus and it is very hard to get it off, so it obscures the view. I will try to get more photos of his bad foot now. The better foot I can't lift as he is not weight baring on the other one. I can get side angles though. 

So in relation to feed - you say increase his beet pulp, add psyllium and Energreen maxisoy with groud linseeds. is this right - can someone advise? I just noticed the 'Safe foods file so will look at that too. The feed has been balanced by Carol Layton. Should I recontact her about these additions, as clearly that's what I should have done first before I changed the diet. I have asked her and the only suggest she made was to add beet pulp - he just stops eating it of nothign else is added.  
Note - he is on the flozin drug - I have been told Dr Kellon has advice about diet in relation to this drug, how do I find this? 

What was driving me adding additional items of feed to his diet is that the dentist feels there is a significant choking hazard with his teeth and he should have no hay. therefore other than my additional feed, what is he meant to eat? Can i give him soaked hay (it is low sugar) as if it is soaked it will be softer and put it in a slow feeding hay net so he takes small bites. 

I am getting to the end here - so disheartened and down on myself for not doing better. he is now in so much pain. He has positioned himself with his feet up an incline and his feet down the dip, I think he is takign weight off his fore feet. I haven't seen him sit down at all.  Is there anythign I can give him for the pain. I know you say no bute but what else. I have tried him on devils claw that didn't seem to help. I have him on ALCAR due to muscle wastage..what else ? 

Now he's going to have to come back from my mistake, and he is still so think. Mostly he has been quite perky throughout this but he is not anymore. 

I will tgo out now and get photos but any advice you can provide woudl be much appreciated. 


Mandy C, Macedon Australia, 2022

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