Re: Solar Penetration

Nicolle Dupont

I have requested test results.  Is it OK to start Jiaogulan with the heat warning for the next two days?  Also I am giving Doxy at 5g 2x and should I carry on at same dosage as I will need to get another prescription today.

I updated my case history last night.  Here is what she is getting that may conflict with each other.  Doxy, Mad Barn's Amino Trace (has calcium and iron - bad with Doxy), Devil's Claw, Mad Barn's Optimum Probiotic.  I drive out to her twice a day and stay for a couple of hours each time. I try to get the 1/2 cup dry of soaked Beet Pulp into her each time as she is not eating much but I also need to get the Doxy and Devil's Claw in. 

1)  Doxy - syringed
1 hour
2)  Devil's Claw - syringed
1/2 hour
3)  Beet Pulp with Amino Trace, Flax, Vit C, Milk Thistle, Optimum Probiotic

Please advise if I should change my administration of these for maximum effectiveness.  And when I start Jiaogulan where would that fit in.  Thank you.
Nicolle D in BC Canada 2022

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