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Sharon Bice

Okay thanks Kirsten and Sherry! I tested her on April 30th but now I realize I should test more in June as this was too late. Thankfully I am back living in the country so I can personally manage this and hopefully not get her so off track. I overnighted the APF so I will start it today with the Prascend, going up 1/4 or 1/2 not sure which but will see.

~ Should I retest in three weeks? I may be changing hay, or should I wait until say November to switch hay? Mine is super fine so it falls through the nets.
~ Should I be riding her if she is so off with her numbers? I guess if she is willing - I should go by her attitude? 
~ When do I know the right dosage for the rise & I am guessing a few months afterward? I will eventually order compounded medicine again as Prascend is unaffordable at higher dosage, but I wanted to get it here the next day/today (so ordered it yesterday) and compounded takes a bit. I have a few weeks left of 2 mg compounded. 

So sorry for all the questions!!! I hope to be able to help “newbies” here someday once I feel a little more confident in understanding all this & getting it right. I’m getting there thanks to you all! 

Sharon Bice
December 2020    Sandia Park, New Mexico

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