Re: G.T.F Chromium/ fasting blood work


thanks Kirsten and yes i understand this which is why I will not drop their food amounts.  Mouse does not need to lose weight but Ryn does so he is getting plenty of daily exercise along with his rations of 1.5% of current weight.  Dr. Kellon sent my vet info on Canagliflozin weeks ago.  It went no where.  I will research more as you suggest.  Dr. Kellon, yes I have a pretty clear understanding of how this would effect my horses so have no intention of feeding less than 1.5% and incorporating exercise for Ryn most days.  He gets pretty vigorous exercise for 20-30 minutes w/t/c and is losing the weight he needs to lose.  And also a yes, that they are pure Spanish blood, albeit wild horses.  Very few Kigers I see are at a safe weight and looming problems are on the horizon.  Thanks for the input.  
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