Re: Solar Penetration

Lorna Cane

Hi Nicolle,

Just a suggestion that may or may not work(sigh),depending on how Elsa is feeling about eating, period. But if you increased beet pulp(by weight I think 1/2 c. is only about 3 ounces,if shreds) it might make the additives less obvious to her.
And can you play with consistency of the BP? Some horses like things wetter or drier than we assume.(you can not feed dry BP, of course, but if it's sloppy now, maybe make it less sloppy, for example)
If BP is not her fave, can you get your hands on soy hull pellets? Virtually the same as BP, but no rinsing required,just dampening. I've never met a pony who doesn't like SHP, but am sure there are some out there.(sorry if I've missed this. I haven't gone to your updated CH yet)
Lorna in Eastern Ontario

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