Need Help Organizing Case History folders


I need help with organizing my Case History folder for two ponies. I have two folders, one for Isaac and one for Joshua. How do I put them in one folder? Also, why does my folder put two Case Histories in my folder? Obviously, I am missing something. I think I can follow step-by-step instructions :). Mind boggling for the simple minded :). I re-read how to make a case history folder, but I am not sure what I am missing or how to put them together in one folder. I think it has to do with the choices from the drop down, and it is not making sense to me.

So, my guess.
1. Make and name folder
2. Make and name folders for CH inside 1st folder, then open this folder to download CH, etc.
Am I on the right path?

Thanks so much for helping!
Rene` in WI 2021

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