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Nicole, I cannot imagine how hard thus is for you. But if she is eager to eat, drink, wants treats, she has not given up.

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Her feet seem to have 'settled' down' but it is her behaviour that makes me feel we are at the end of the fight.  I continued on with the Dox yesterday.  I posted a photo of her laying down which is how she has been since Monday night.  Every few minutes she lifts her head to become prone and then goes back down. She has stopped grinding her teeth and I try to get behind her sometimes to encourage rising but it is like she can't muster the strength.  She is eating, drinking, urinating and defecating from this position.

Saturday - Standing and would not lay down with .5 dose of Acepromazine as I wanted to clean her feet.  Had Bute in a.m. only
Sunday - Was laying down when I arrived in morning, stood up with legs shaking, wasn't very interested in water or hay.  Had Bute in p.m. only as I was weaning her off.
Monday - Laying down with rising to prone every few minutes, bumped her head bad on shelter in the p.m. (the whole thing shook according to another person there), stood for a while with front legs shaking and then went back down.  Started Devil's Claw
Tuesday - Laying down with rising every few minutes, eating and drinking well although not as much food intake as when standing. She switched sides sometime during the night and has a sore spot on right hip
Wednesday - Laying down with less energetic risings, eating and drinking well.  She must have rolled over during night as she had shavings on her top side.  Started Jaiogulan.

How long can a horse be in this position, has anyone else experienced this.  It seems everyone else's horses are at least in a prone position.  Please tell me.  She is so eager for water, food and nickers when I arrive but will not get up.  I did think perhaps if bumping her head has scared her from getting up.  Would it be horrible if we spooked her to get up?

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