Re: New Member- Recurrent Laminitis in 2015 Paso Fino Mare

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Becky,

Thanks for posting your Case History and xrays for Sali!  I have a special place in my heart for all our Paso Fino members as my boy is one, too!

She should be on the ER diet as outlined in Bobbie's welcome letter, and that includes stopping the Buckeye, Manna Pro, and apple/carrot treats, and adding vit E, salt (most horses cannot get their daily minimum of salt from a block so we add it to their feed) and ground flax.  Any grass, even dead grass, is risky.  You will need to invest in making her a dry lot with no vegetation if you plan to keep her at home.  Sali is a horse that should never be on pasture again, unless you can get her onto an endurance-type exercise program.  In the meantime, a sealed muzzle on grass so she can't eat (but can still drink), and meals in the barn every 4-6 hours are recommended.  Also critical will be getting her on minerals balanced her hay...just reiterating what Bobbie has already told you.

I really recommend taking a full round of hoof photos, as described here, and posting a message to request trim markups.

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