Re: Jiaogulan presentation by Dr. Kellon 2007-11-28 NOW: website vs software

Nancy C

Hi Jocelyn

Yes, you've indicated your frustration before so we are aware.

Where these messages originate from is not a website.  It is a software program written specifically for discussion groups like ECIR by the man who originated what is now Yahoo. 

Like any software program -- Microsoft Office or MacIntosh programs or Photoshop for example -- it requires learning the program.

Lots of helpful information is available in the Wiki. You need to be on the web page and logged in to access this.

These links specifically show you a bit f a road map.

Getting Around the ECIR

General Layout:

I recommend bookmarking the pages you use most often. 

As with learning anything new, a few minutes a day exploring will help a lot.
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