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Kirsten Rasmussen


I couldn't find the video you are referring to so can't confirm it that's what we are talking about.  In my mind, there are 2 ways to rasp the toes back horizontally.  1. Set the hoof on a hoof stand in front of the horse and rasp vrtically straight down, perpendicular to the sole, from above (this is not the same as "dressing the hoof wall", which you often see farriers do and we generally do not advise).  Or, 2. Leave the hoof on the ground and go around the hoof with the rasp held horizontally and parallel to the ground.  I do the latter because neither my horse and I are comfortable with the hoof stand.  It's also good for horses that are too painful to hold up their hoof for very long.  Others may have another method but I like those 2 because either gravity (1) or the weight of the horse on his hoof (2) are helping you push the rasp...and I need all the help I can get because it's hard work!  

Last step: pick up the hoof as if to pick it out, and rasp a 45 deg breakover/roll/bevel on it from the bottom.  Do not remove any sole other than what comes off as you rasp to put the bevel on the bottom.  The bevel should start on the bottom where Lavinia's blue line is on the sole markups, but your first trim probably won't be so dramatic.  If you work on it every few days you'll eventually get there, and Walker won't have any sudden changes that could make him uncomfortable.

That's the gist of it.  Maybe others will have better tips.

Buy a farrier quality rasp, not a feed store cheapo.  I like the Bellota Top Sharp.

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