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Maria Duran

Hi Nicolle,

What BCS is she at right now? I have had to helpt recover several horses in rescues and my experience is that they will not eat much in the beginning as it is Elsa´s case right now due to pain and discomfort. What I personally do in these cases is to provide a high caloric diet and very nutritionally dense. This is to optimize the highest nutrition at each bite she would like to take.

Luckily she is not IR or PPID, so your options are a lot, but for example you have Dr. Kellons Senior diet wich I believe it is going to be good for Elsa´s case. I can´t find it right now if someone can do it for me please, I would appreciate it.

You can also feed a concentrate for foals and mares which are usually 30% protein and very nutritionally dense regarding minerals and vitamins, this is good because with little amounts she gets much more nutritents into her. You can also add linseed oil or ground linseed, good source of protein and calories if ground, and only calories if you feed the oil, but also a good source of omega 3 to help reduce inflammation.

This said, feed her what she likes most and this is going to change (in my experience). Remember to increase amounts of new feeds gradually to avoid colics and offer her small amounts several times per day, she will problably don´t eat a large amount at a time, so in the beginning you need to keep offering her things and try to find out what she likes each time until she recovers enough to eat normally.

Sorry it is all a general approach but is difficult without details.

Wish you both the best.

María Durán Navarro 
Dec 2017
Madrid (Spain)

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