I have a IR horse that has rotated in the hind left and we are working on recovery with a really good hoof practitioner.

However, I really need help with her diet as she is refusing to eat soaked hay. I have tried mixing it with regular dry timothy but she is still not eating it at all. I tested my hay and the results are the following: WSC: 10.4; ESC: 7.7; Starch: .3. I also feed her magnesium and biotin 2% from Uckele along with jiaogulan and chia seeds mixed with a cup of bermuda pellets. 

I really need help figuring out what balancer she needs and what I need to add or remove from her feed. I have read the emergency diet and other diet recommendations but I am hoping someone can help me construct a good proper diet for her as I don't think I am understanding what she needs very well. 

Thanks in advance!
Ani in CA 2022

Case History:

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