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Hi Courtney,

See the message Cass just posted about this Re: New member ( and also remember that you need to address Ribbon's trim as part of her recovery.  Looking at the x-rays from last week there's still quite a bit to be done on that front.

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Good morning, 

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on other pain alternatives to try? Ribbon if off NSAID's now, but I cannot get her to eat the Phyto-quench with DC, I bought the granular CocoSoya to mix in and she is still not wanting to touch it. I have been giving her Herb Pharm Devil's Claw liquid extract, I have been giving her 1 syringe full AM/PM, but not sure how much of that she is getting, she resists that quite a bit. She loves the Jiaogulan, so I really want to avoid putting her back on NSAID's, I know that is not the answer. She is very sore since coming off the Equioxx, has to shift onto her hind end to take a step forward, she is not wanting to weight her R front leg, I have wrapped her L front leg to help with swelling. She has access to a 12x24 run, so she can move if she feels up to it. She has been wearing Cloud boots 24/7. She will be getting a trim this coming Wednesday and I have had mark-ups already done for upcoming trim. I have begun titrating her Prascend up as the current dosage she was getting was not keeping her ACTH number down.

Should I try increasing the DC or try a powdered version (as that might be easier for me to get it down her)? She is an incredibly picky eater. My vet also mentioned Tylenol as an option at one point for us if we did not want to do NSAID's, but I have read that has not been very helpful for horses.

Thank you

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