Re: Pain Alternatives


You're right: whole carrots are a NO. Baby food carrots or homemade carrot puree (like carrot juice) were suggested to help the many members like me who have a horse that strenuously resists syringing critical medication like dissolved Prascend or compounded pergolide. The amount of carrot is usually a teaspoon or less, a tiny amount but enough to allow daily syringing without too much drama.

Pelleted supplements like PQ are already formulated to make them attractive to our horses. Start small, a teaspoon, with another pelleted feed your horse already likes. You can crush up the Stabul1 Nuggets into pellet sized pieces.  Increase the amount of PQ gradually. The trick is to get past the suspicion of new things, especially when a horse is in pain. It recently took me at least a week. When I restarted PQ yesterday, it went down easily.
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