I’d like to reinforce what Sherry just posted regarding the case history.  We learn about so many horses here that it can be hard to keep track of whose is which.  I went to your case history to reorient myself.  I learned that you have a Gypsy Vanner mare, probably not old enough for PPID, might be getting too much hay and is thought to be IR.  So, I went to look at all the messages you posted and the first thread is where you start filling in details, all of which should be in your case history for future reference.  When I read your posts, I learned that she is most definitely IR and, in fact, likely in need of medication.  She may not be eating the soaked hay because she doesn’t need to to support her needs.  You can indeed soak hay once a day and hang the next meal’s hay, netted and out of the sun.  You need to add salt to her diet and, if she doesn’t like it with other supplements, you can sprinkle it on the soaked hay, which might well make it tastier.

Also the emergency diet doesn’t need to be saved for outright emergencies.  I keep it in my toolbox for whenever I think I might have a diet issue.  It shouldn’t last forever but at least until you have a plan for replacing it.  And it’s a quick way to find out if it’s the diet causing the problem.
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