Re: Solar Penetration

Lorna Cane

Hi Nicolle,

Do you mean you actually don't just sleep in your clothes?!!(ok,small joke) I wouldn't put a timeline on the process,if I were you. It can increase stress and  you don't need that! Baby steps,and one day at a time.

So happy to hear your update! She stood up!!

She's hungry (YAY), Nicolle, and needs more grub than she is getting now.
Dr. Kellon has confirmed that she is not metabolic.😊
No rock,no hard place.
If she were here I would be letting her eat all the hay she wanted,as well as the other items you mentioned. Water always available. 

Bedsores....raw honey is a good healer,as well as vit E. There is a great silver spray on the market. Can't remember name of it,but if no one speaks up I can look in my stable in the morning.Maybe add a little more padding under the duct  tape.

Would like to hear Lavinia's opinion about LF coronary band .

Please take care of yourself . This is going to take some time.
I admire your strength and determination,especially since you are not exactly surrounded by local professional support.

Scritches for Elsa,hugs for you.

Lorna in Eastern Ontario

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